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White Electrocorundum is a synthesized artificial corundum that is produced in electric furnaces by melting of pure alumina at a temperature of more than 2 000 ℃. As a result of chemical processes, an ultrahard material with high refractory and abrasive properties is obtained.

High technical characteristics of electrocorundum have found wide application in many areas - in the production of a huge range of ultra-hard grinding tools, wheels, belts, grinding powders, the manufacture of foundries, refractory and ceramic products.

The obtained material has excellent characteristics: dielectric permittivity, insulating properties, increased hardness, strength, resistance to acids and alkalis, fire resistance and thermal stability, high cutting ability.

Abrasive materials from white electrocorundum powders are used for sandblasting, grinding of high-carbon steel, in the manufacture of refractories. The material has the highest processing speed, is practically not subject to wear and does not change color during work.

White electrocorundum is used in the manufacture of insulators and ceramic parts of vacuum devices. Also, this abrasive is indispensable in the manufacture of sandpaper, grinding wheels, tapes, discs and pastes, various grinding tools, for sandblasting of glass and mirror surfaces, hardened steel.

Abrasives have long and firmly entered many areas of our lives. They are used for fine grinding of various surfaces - steel, wood, metal, for matting of glass and mirrors, decorative drawings, thorough water treatment, production of dental instruments and composite plates for bulletproof vests, and the manufacture of ceramic refractories for the metallurgical industry. More detailed and interesting information about the application of abrasive materials in human life can be found in the section "Articles" on our website.