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Saffroshine Organics P.V.T

Infrastructure and capabilities

Saffroshine Organic has been regarded as the market leader in the pattern wax industry, thanks to its contemporary high-quality materials, that make use of the latest technologies. With state-of-the-art equipment and best-in-class personnel, Saffroshine Organic can boast of harnessing the utilizing the latest technologies to be the pioneers in innovating latest trends and processes in manufacturing pattern waxes.

For Manufacturing of the Pattern Waxes, Saffroshine Organic can boast of having a fully automatic production facility which is capable of handling any technical challenge in the investment casting industry. Having built a commendable reputation as an ISO Certified company, facilities at Saffroshine Organic ensure accuracy and consistency in the production are given the highest preference.

With two Wax Injection Machines and different tools for R&D and testing, equipment used at Saffroshine inspect every product to ensure the highest quality is maintained. The organization also makes use CRM, production and Inventory control software, thereby helping the team in managing the process efficiently.

Unfilled pattern waxes

  • NFPW-B200 is a Non-Filled Pattern Wax. This wax is having exceptional flow properties, due to this the wax is suitable for critical and precision applications. It works perfectly on manual as well as automatic production system. Dimensional consistency of this wax makes it suitable for mass production.
  • Fpw-e143 is an unfilled pattern wax developed for both liquid and paste injection,it has a excellent surface finish and consistent dimensional stability. This product is suitable for manufacturing wide range of sizes and configurations

R&B Softening Point65⁰C to 68⁰C

Needle Penetration 5 to 10 DMN at 25⁰C, 100 gm, 5 sec

Congeling Point 70⁰C to 82⁰C

Model masses Softening temperature, Ring and Ball, °С Penetration (25° С, 100 gr, 5 sec), mm-1 Ash, % Filler content, % Color Description
FPW E10 65-70 8-100,03 10 GreenThe model mass FPWE10 combines the advantages of an unfilled wax and a mass with a filler. Due to the low content of filler, the melting and mass regeneration are very simple.
FPW E30 67-70 7-100,03 30 GreenThe popular model mass is used in most cases of LWM, contains 30% of the filler. FPWE30 can be pressed on both manual installations and automatic syringes
FPW E40 70-74 7-100,03 40 GreenThe mass FPW E 40 contains 40% of the filler, which is why it is the best solution for the manufacture of complex large-sized models. Small shrinkage of models and the absence of weights
UPW 125 82-85 8-110,03 - BlueThe model composition is specially designed for operation at medium temperatures. This composition can be pressed in a pasty state to achieve minimal shrinkage and defects. Due to the low viscosity of the composition, the maximum removal efficiency of the model is achieved. Due to the low temperature expansion, the process of model melting will not result in the destruction of the shape.
UPW 145 67-72 8-110,03 - GreenThe model composition is applicable in a wide range of temperatures and parameters and is suitable for mass production. This composition can be used without cooling the mold. Gel-like structure serves to ensure productivity.

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