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Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide is a chemical inorganic compound of carbon and silicon. In nature, this material is extremely rare, but let's say thank you to the brilliant minds who have learned to extract this material by artificial means. Graphite electric furnace is used for this purpose, it is sintered with silica and carbon at a temperature of 1600-2500 °C. Pure abrasive has no pronounced color, if there are impurities, it can acquire different shades of black and green.

If we talk about the technical characteristics of this material, it is worth emphasizing its special hardness. Silicon carbide is not subjected to high pressure, high temperatures and other external physical factors. That is why this abrasive material is widely used in various industries, especially metallurgy. The density of the silicon carbide is able to withstand high loads and not lose its properties over time

This material is produced and supplied in the form of grain of different fractions. Company Litpromabraziv delivers abrasive by automobile or railway transport. Affordable prices, excellent service and guaranteed quality of products are the main factors that attract our customers. Contact us and you will get what you need!