ООО "Технокерамика" совместно с ООО "Технопарк" оказывает комплексную поддержку по внедрению и вводу в эксплуатацию технологии литья по выплавляемым моделям (ЛВМ).

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The production of our company is located in the Kaluga region, near the city of Obninsk.

Our production site and laboratories are equipped with the most modern technological and power equipment of Russian and foreign companies.

One of the priority activities of LLC «Tekhnokeramika» is the production of high-tech powders of white electrocorundum with a purity of alumina up to 99.5%. Such a composition fully meets all world quality standards.

Our production facilities allow us to produce a wide range of abrasive materials - grinding grain, grinding and micro-grinding powders of white electrocorundum and tabular alumina, model masses (waxes) and ceramic spheres (fraction).

In fact, our company is a group of companies, which includes TOO "Kozogneupor" factory, one of the largest and unique in its capacity and energy-efficient production facilities in the former Soviet Union. For more than 30 years the plant has been producing refractory materials and structures, and is the only enterprise in Central Asia with a full cycle of refractory products.

Thanks to high-tech equipment, our company produces grinding materials that have no analogues in the Russian market - thin refractory fractions and large grinded fractions F10, F12, F14.

All abrasive and refractory materials are produced with strict observance of all approved standards and norms. At all stages of production, constant quality control of products is carried out. We work closely with research institutes and manufacturing companies to improve the quality, expand the range and search for new applications of powders.